Origin Spring Sale: Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield 4 are 50% off


This mega-sized list is everything in Origin’s Spring Sale

Around 9:00am Pacific today, EA launched an Origin Spring Sale with discounts on PC Games up to 50% off. The sale only applies to select titles and most games activates on Origin (though there are a few Steam titles mixed in for good measures). On closer look, there are actually some real impressive discounts on Fall 2014 releases.

Well-received RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition has dropped from $59.99 to only $29.99 in the 50% off sale. That’s the lowest price Origin has ever offered for the latest Dragon Age game. A similar discount also applies to the Deluxe Edition, dropping it to only $35 — whether the extra trinket is worth another $5 or not is up to you (IMO skip it).

This is also a good time to pick up Battlefield 4. Origin has the base game + Premium pack bundled for only $24.99, which once again is the lowest price it has offered yet for the combo. If you just need Premium-only, that’s going for $19.99.

Below is a giant list of all the deals in the sale:

Origin Spring Sale Deals

Dragon Age

The Sims 4




Wasteland 2


Need for Speed

Mass Effect

Plants vs. Zombies

Dead Space

Other Games