Ouch! Nintendo Twitter account does a games deletion PSA, chooses Mario 35


The wound is still fresh

Remember Super Mario Bros. 35? It was that Switch Online perk that made the service a bit more enticing, that went away nearly a year ago, like so many other “limited run” Nintendo things. Now a Mario 35 deletion PSA is here to remind us that it existed.

Spotted by Twitter user Kyle McLain, Nintendo’s official Japanese customer service account just put out a PSA for how to delete games that you can “no longer play on Switch.” It’s a really simple tutorial for folks who may not be as savvy at navigating their Switch (like all the people who got one as a Christmas gift). But wait, what’s that? The example is Mario 35. Ouch!

It sort of makes sense because the game is dead, so there’s really no use for having it displayed outside of wanting a knickknack to show people, or occasionally look at in a forlorn manner (“back in my day, we played this game that was a battle royale version of a game we played back in my day”). But it also hilariously reminded a lot of folks (many of whom are replying to that same Twitter thread) that Nintendo did indeed pull the plug on a Switch Online feature that a lot of people actually liked. Mario 35 deletion PSA indeed.

Nintendo had a lot of opportunities to make Switch Online more enticing around the time this was out, or even bring it back as an “Expansion Pack” bonus. Imagine if Mario 35 kept going and had the same sort of support as Tetris 99, which thankfully has not been nuked: yet.