Outriders is coming to PC Game Pass


The RPG shooter finally syncs up with its console side

Xbox Game Pass owners got to check out People Can Fly’s Outriders at launch, and now, PC players can finally get in on the action too. Outriders is coming to Game Pass for PC and Ultimate on Oct. 19.

The RPG loot-shooter hit PlayStation, Xbox, and PC all at once this last April. But only Xbox Game Pass users got to check out Outriders on the service at launch. In a new Xbox Wire post, People Can Fly confirms that the game is now coming to the PC side of things as well.

Outriders, if you’ve not kept up with it, is an RPG shooter that blends looting and shooting in a futuristic sci-fi setting. There’s also space magic, a strange storm that mutates people, and the remnants of humanity trying to survive after fleeing a doomed Earth.

Though it might sound similar to Destiny in some ways, one way in which it’s not is the service model. People Can Fly were adamant from the start that it’s not using the games-as-service model, and it’s essentially a complete package campaign, to loot and shoot your way through either solo or with friends.

Our impressions at the time were that it’s a good, sometimes-flawed shooter with some neat guns and co-op fun to be had. For those who are already subbed to Game Pass, Outriders seems like a solid social shoot-em-up. Alongside recent launches like Back 4 Blood, it’s a pretty decent time to be a co-op fan with Game Pass.