Over two million people watched The Game Awards 2015


More eSports for 2016

Blimey, a lot happened at The Game Awards this year, didn’t it? Psychonauts 2, a Telltale Batman series, and a very obvious lack of Hideo Kojima were among this year’s highlights, and according to host Geoff Keighley, a lot of people tuned in.

Talking to Polygon, Keighley announced that over two million people watched the livestream (roughly 20% more than last year), and there were more than one billion impressions on Twitter. The vast majority of the viewers watched via Twitch and YouTube. The show was also available through the Xbox One.

Keighley believes the show managed to break even this time, which pretty much guarantees that there will be The Game Awards again in 2016. He’s already got some ideas for what he wants to do next year, which includes a larger eSports presence:

Next year will be about adding other elements around the show… One thing I wanted to do this year was a big eSports tournament the day of the show, but we just didn’t have enough bandwidth to get it done.

So did you enjoy the show this year, or do you think it has some problems that need addressing for the third attempt in 2016?

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