Overcooked is free right now on the Epic Games Store


Would you like to try a sample?

I’m unsure if a free promo will be the final push you need to try the chaotic co-op cooking game Overcooked after all these praise-filled years, but here we go. The original Overcooked is free on the Epic Games Store until July 11, at which point the PC store will shift to its next freebie, Torchlight.

There’s a simplicity to the first Overcooked that I still appreciate returning to from time to time as, well, things have gotten quite hectic in the sequel’s ongoing DLC packs. (Just don’t fall out of bounds.)

And while I don’t think I’d recommend playing this series alone it loses some of its magic when it’s just you flipping back and forth between controlling two different chefs I will say that this is my favorite co-op experience possibly ever. These games tend to bring out emotions you forgot you had.

If you aren’t too busy grilling up a storm in real life, consider doing the same in Overcooked.