Overland is a tactical road trip game full of harrowing choices


At least there are dogs

Overland‘s brand of post-apocalyptic North America is especially bleak. There are no simple decisions or easy escapes under the game’s muted sky. You can’t count on things going smoothly. Something will go wrong. Survival is a matter of reacting and overcoming the challenges that arise.

That type of hopelessness might be a turnoff to some, but I can’t help but smile after watching Overland‘s latest trailer. It’s a series of short vignettes that hammer home the violence and hard-hitting situations that make up the bulk of the game’s tactical encounters.

The diorama-like locations and procedurally generated roadmaps seen in Overlandare as striking as they are haunting. Something tells me that Finji’s road trip is going to be one hell of a memorable journey. We’ll just have to wait until next year to find out.