Overwatch director states that a new punishment update is coming


Is a tribunal in the cards?

Punishment in online games has always been a sticky issue. The word “toxic” gets thrown around a lot, and there’s a whole can of worms when it comes to chat, but there’s a few obvious behaviors that everyone can agree on as warranting punishment.

For instance, if someone loads into every ranked game they play, then state “I’m throwing this game,” walk up to the enemy team the entire match without firing back, then repeat it multiple times a day, that’s probably ban-worthy. The problem is publishers like Blizzard often don’t execute on player reports, leading to a slow decay of enjoyment.

While he refrained from being specific, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan stated this week that a post is “coming soon” regarding updates for the punishment system, which could bring about the long discussed overhaul for reporting.

Jeff Kaplan [Battle.net]