Overwatch has eight skins for Summer Games 2020 including Lifeguard Pharah


This one’s dedicated to Sheryl Crow

We made it to another Overwatch Summer Games event! If you’re over Lucioball – there’s several refinements for 2020 and a faster Remix mode with two balls on the field – then there’s always skins.

The Internet has fallen head over heels for Lifeguard Pharah, and I’m not about to go against the grain.

Other Legendary skins for Summer Games 2020 include Tropical Baptiste, Feskarn Brigitte, Surf’s Up Echo, and my second favorite, Karate Doomfist, which makes me wish I was better with his combos under pressure. Blizzard is also giving out three Overwatch skins in weekly challenge events.

  • Week 1: Win 3 Games (Baseballmari Player Icon), Win 6 Games (Union Jack Spray), Win 9 Games (Union Jack Tracer skin)
  • Week 2: Win 3 Games (Golfmari Player Icon), Win 6 Games (Sand Castle Spray), Win 9 Games (Sand Castle Bastion skin)
  • Week 3: Win 3 Games (Surfimari Player Icon), Win 6 Games (Ice Cream Spray), Win 9 Games (Ice Cream Orisa skin)

The festivities began this morning, and they’ll carry on through August 25, 2020.


  • You can now crouch while midair to lunge down to the ground.
  • Lucio’s cooldowns are much shorter.
  • Lucio’s boop and punch range are increased.
  • Lucio moves a little faster.
  • Jump pads launch players a little higher.
  • Added gamepad rumble to goal-scoring moments.
  • Mercy rule: Games end early if one team has a five-point lead.

Lucioball Remix

  • This is a faster, more chaotic, multi-ball version of Lucioball.
  • There are normally two balls in play throughout the match. If one gets scored, it respawns after a brief time.
  • Bonus balls are periodically spawned and are worth three points.
  • Players are not reset when a goal is scored. You keep playing.
  • Mercy rule: Games end early if one team has a ten-point lead.
  • Busan is getting new pillars and surfaces for more wall-riding opportunities.
  • Sydney is getting a ton of jump pad surfaces, and more wall-riding opportunities.