Overwatch has Winter Wonderland weekly challenge skins for Junkrat, Roadhog, and Ana


Plus five other character skins and Freezethaw Elimination

Is there a German word to describe a person who has stopped playing a live-service game but still keeps tabs on the outfits for no particular reason? That’s where I’m at with Overwatch. I can’t let go.

Today’s Winter Wonderland 2020 event is adding eight new skins (three of which will be doled out in weekly challenges), and 4v4 Freezethaw Elimination, a mode in which eliminated players become frozen. It’s basically a tug-of-war to de-thaw your teammates and fully wipe the opposing team, and if you aren’t into it, there’s also Yeti Hunt, Snowball Deathmatch, and Mei’s Snowball Offensive.

Onto the new-for-2020 skins, starting with the challenge skins that require nine wins a piece:

Elft Junkrat skin

Elf Junkrat (Weekly Challenge 1 from Dec. 15 to Dec. 22)

Gingerbread Ana skin

Gingerbread Ana (Weekly Challenge 2 from Dec. 22 to Dec. 29)

Frosty Roadhog skin

Frosty Roadhog (Weekly Challenge 3 from Dec. 29 to Jan. 5)

Penguin Mei skin

Penguin Mei

Toybot Zenyatta skin

Toybot Zenyatta

Ice Empress Moira skin

Ice Empress Moira

Conductor Reinhardt skin

Conductor Reinhardt

Lumberjack Torbjörn skin

Lumberjack Torbjörn

I maintain that Zenyatta has a top-tier wardrobe and I’ll be bummed if his luck runs out in Overwatch 2 (a game permanently shrouded in fog in my mind’s eye). As for Winter Wonderland in general, it’ll wrap up on January 5, so no rush. Blizzard has a few new emotes this year too if you’re keeping up.