Overwatch is getting a new range of nerfs, no, not that kind


I’m amazed they didn’t do Mercy first

Blizzard’s popular online shooter Overwatch is no stranger to merchandising, and its catalogue of goodies is about to grow even bigger with the announcement that the brand is teaming up with Hasbro for a range of NERF guns based on its lovable cast of heroes and villains.

For those less inclined, NERF produce “weapons” that fire out sponge projectiles and arrows. Originally launching in the very late ’60s, the toys blew up huge in the early ’90s and are still selling well today. Ehh, you know this. The safe, soft “bullets”, darts and bats led to the coining of the phrase “nerfing” within the video game community; to reduce the overall power of a character, weapon or some other in-game element. This is a practice that Overwatch ironically knows all too well.

The first NERF gun in the new Overwatch range is based on the shotgun of everybody’s favourite edgelord, Reaper. You’ll have to buy two for that true-to-life feel, oh, and just chuck them to the ground when the eight-shot clip is empty, that’s what yer boy Gabriel does. The NERF replica has also been given a whiter colour scheme, lest someone think you’re toting around an actual sawn-off like Kyle Reese.

The Nerf Rival Overwatch Reaper Wight Edition will be made available in 2019.