Overwatch on Switch won't have amiibo functionality or most importantly, cross-progression


Or Cross-Play, as previously revealed

A lot of people were holding out on last-minute news that the upcoming OverwatchSwitch port (October 15) would have more unique features beyond motion/IR, and it looks like as of this week it’s a definitive “no” from Blizzard. While cross-play was likely out of the question due to the framerate disparity (the Switch port runs at 30FPS), current players were hoping that Blizzard would give them some way to carry over their progress from other platforms, but that’s not happening.

Speaking to GameSpot, the publisher confirms that cross-anything isn’t supported, nor will amiibo functionality, and unlike Diablo III, Overwatchis not getting its own amiibo figure. Consider this though: if Tracer ever makes it into Smash Ultimate(and she could, as there’s more fighters on the way after the first Fighter’s/Season pass), she will get an amiibo, and what better time to update the game to support that at the very least.

I still have love forOverwatch, and the idea of playing it on the go with IR/motion support rules, but this is going to be a hard sell to a lot of people who are already hundreds of levels/cosmetics deep in their platforms of choice. Given that Blizzard has framed the entire game around earning skins, it’ll be a nightmare to start over from square one and be upsold all over again on premium cosmetics. It’s an even bigger shame when you consider that Paladinsalready has cross-progression on Switch.

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