Overwatch players, at all levels of skill, seem to be favoring Mercy right now



OmnicMeta, among other data aggregate sites, have done a great job of collecting Overwatch data over the past year and a half or so.

While most of these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt (tier lists, if you believe in the concept at all, shouldn’t be derived solely from winrates), they can be very useful in seeing where certain characters stand in the meta. As I always say when it comes to competitive play, “perception is reality,” and if one character in particular is being chosen nearly every game (or conversely, another is never picked) it can make for some boring sessions.

That seems to be the case with Mercy after her rework, which sees her “all-resurrect” ultimate turned into a single-res ability, and her ultimate warped into a general purpose Valkyrie boost. Players are really taking to her, as her usage rate is nearly 100% in Grandmaster, Master, and Diamond. In Platinum and Gold she sees a roughly 95% pickrate, with 89% in Silver and 87% in Bronze.

Whether or not Mercy is balanced is another conversation — she’s dominating the meta right now, with a sharp decrease in usage from every other support, especially in Master and Grandmaster games, where heroes like Ana have plummeted. With BlizzCon just a month away many players are awaiting changes — one of which is in the PTR right now.

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