Overwatch's free weekend is live on PC and consoles


Lasts until Monday at 11:59pm

Blizzard announced the latest free weekend for Overwatch last week and I had already forgotten about it, so here’s your day-of reminder that the festivities have kicked off. You’ll be able to play the full game on PC (Battle.net), PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Plus), and Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold) at no extra charge.

During the free weekend, the full roster of heroes and maps will be open, as will Quick Play, Custom Games, the Arcade, and the potential to earn Loot Boxes. Progress you earn here will carry over, should you buy. On that note, Blizzard is currently discounting the game. Overwatch is now $30, Game of the Year Edition is $40, and the upgrade from the base game to GotY Edition is $10.

Have fun out there. If it’s been a while since you tried a free weekend, expect noticeable changes to some of the characters. And definitely at least poke your head into the Arcade to see what’s what.