Overwatch's Mei and Mercy will also become Nendoroids


Teased at Toy Fair New York

Tracer will be the first in the Overwatch Nendoroid line, but she won’t be alone for long. Good Smile Company revealed, via a poster at Toy Fair New York, that Mei and Mercy will be joining her!

The Nendoroid series tends to focus on female characters, so the ladies in the game are natural candidates. My guess is that D.Va will be coming along shortly complete with a tiny mecha.

However Good Smile Company has recently shown a commitment to producing male characters through its Orange Rogue brand. So really, no Overwatch hero is off-limits. I think a chibi Roadhog would be the cutest thing ever.

Nendoroid Mei and Mercy teaser [Instagram via J-List]