Overwatch's microtransaction prices have been revealed


Cosmetic Loot Boxes only

As of roughly 20 minutes ago, Overwatch was released to the public. After months of waiting the game is finally here, and relatively close to the build all of us played during the latest beta phase. Except for one major difference — the in-game store is now live.

While the $40 entrance fee ($60 on consoles) nets you access to future maps, modes, and characters for the foreseeable future, the game is also supported by cosmetic items in the form of Loot Boxes. Players can earn these by ranking up through playing the game as normal, or by shelling out for them.

And today, it looks like they’re going for $1.99 for two boxes, with varying degrees of bundles above that (all of which are in the gallery below). It’s that simple — you’ll get several random items in a box (skins, spray paint tags, voiceovers, what have you), duplicates grant you Credits to spend on items you want, and none of them impact gameplay. No experience boosters have been announced or are present in the game at this time.