P.T. is no longer available for download, even if it's already in your library


Konami has gone full Flappy Bird

If you thought the story surrounding Konami’s falling out with Kojima, P.T.‘s delisting off the PSN store, and the cancellation of Silent Hills couldn’t get worse, I have some gross news for you. As of now, P.T. has been completely removed from the PSN servers. If you don’t have it downloaded on your PS4 right now, you’re not going to get it.

This is extraordinarily strange. Normally, when a product is no longer for sale or made available on the PSN store, you can still re-download a copy if you already had it in your library but had deleted the content locally. This is why prior to P.T.‘s delisting, everybody and their brother were scrambling to add P.T. to their library, even if they didn’t download the full thing. A little bit of future proofing to make sure this surprise miniature masterpiece didn’t completely disappear.

Apparently, Konami had other plans. It wants to bury P.T. and Silent Hills completely, get rid of every trace. This is the digital equivalent of chopping up the corpse, burning off the finger prints, and dumping the leftover bits in an alligator infested swamp.

Taking the Kojima Productions name off P.T. and then delisting it from the PlayStation Store already seemed petty, but this latest twist of the knife seems downright vindictive. Poor form, Konami.