Pacifist runs are becoming increasingly popular in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds


Here’s a good ‘un

While many sandbox-oriented games are filled to the brim with useless dots and objectives (the Ubisoft radio tower formula), the conceit is also capable of creating some pretty great moments, especially when it comes to the competitive arena.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a game that’s been getting a lot of buzz the past few months, is one of those experiences. Recalling some of the great Hunger Games-like moments from titles like Rust and DayZ, folks have been doing some pretty interesting things these past few months, like the ever-popular “pacifist runs.”

Although many have tried to actually win by not even picking up (much less using) a deadly weapon,streamer Kurtjmac managed to actually win the entire battle royal in a duo game he entered with a companion.For those who aren’t aware, games are massive in size (100 players is the max), and there can only be one winning team (or person) at the end. What makes Battlegroundsso hectic is that the “safe zone” is constantly switching, forcing its participants to move to new areas to facilitate combat, lest they get docked by a damage over time debuff.

That little twist (which has been done before, but arguably more effective here) is what makes the game so fun to watch. You really have to keep scrounging for more gear to survive, and by the end you’ll probably be squaring off against some formidable people armed to the teeth. It’s even tougher when you don’t attack anyone and leave all of the good gear for others to scavenge, likeKurtjmac did here.

A word of warning — the first 20 minutes or so are mostly spent wandering around, so skip ahead if you want to see some action. 30 minutes in (the final arena battle) is when the finale starts!