Pandemic Legacy Season 2 releases next week, here's the launch trailer



My favorite board game of 2015 and the current #1 ranked board game of all on BoardGameGeekhas a sequel coming out real soon. That’s right, Pandemic Legacy Season 2 releases worldwide on October 26.

I had a chance to play the prologue of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 at PAX West this year. It changes up the formula a bit from the classic Pandemic gameplay. Instead of adding disease cubes when a city comes up, the game removes supply cubes. Instead of fighting back four treatable diseases, there’s just one incurable plague. Instead of starting with a pristine map and destroying it over time, there’s only a fraction of the world revealed and it gets added to through exploration.

There are only a handful of board games I’ve been excited to play this year, and this is one of ’em. Who knows if it’ll live up to its predecessor, although a lot of the early previews suggest it does. We’ll get our hands on it a week from today. In the meantime, have a launch trailer.