Paper Mario: Origami King spirits are invading Smash Ultimate


This weekend

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate alternates between spirit events and tournaments on weekends, and the former is where crossovers thrive. Thankfully, we’re getting yet another one in the form of a Paper Mario: OrigamiKingevent.

“Ambition of Origami” will be happening over the weekend, which will run for five days, starting on August 28. Three new spirits will appear:Origami Princess Peach, the helpful Olivia (who accompanies Paper Mario on his quest) and the evil antagonist King Olly.

This is fairly good timing, as OrigamiKinghas had time to simmer now and be part of the collective conversation. I feel like it’s one of the stronger Paper Mariogames in recent memory, and Olivia and Olly are iconic enough to live on beyond the scope of their debut game. Maybe they’ll show up in a future Mario.

For now, you can get a look at the three spirit battles in the gallery below. Peach is connected to Peach of course, with Pikachu representing Olivia and a purple Toon Link gating the Olly spirit.

SmashBrosJP [Twitter]