Paradise Killer to receive PlayStation/Xbox ports and new content update


The return of Sexy Skeletons

Grab your sunblock and your stabproof vest, as the lurid, dangerous, and neon-infused world of Paradise Killer is getting set to make a comeback — As revealed today by publisher Fellow Traveler, the murder mystery adventure title is not only set to receive a slew of new content but will also be getting sun-kissed ports on PlayStation and Xbox.

Originally released on PC and Nintendo Switch back in 2020, Paradise Killer blends puzzles, visual novel, and adventure elements as fashionista investigator Lady Love Dies is sent to a disgustingly opulent resort on the trail of a murderer. This is perhaps the simplest explanation of what is an incredibly bizarre tale, packed full of twists and turns, and starring a cast of the oddest, most eccentric and/or sexiest characters in gaming history.

The PlayStation and Xbox ports of Paradise Killer will be enhanced for modern platforms, boosted by faster load times, dazzling 4K visuals, and running at 60 FPS, bringing the hyperglobal colors of Paradise Island to life like never before. The PS5 and Xbox Series edition will also include support for ray-tracing and will make use of the hardwares’ Haptic Feedback, Smart Delivery, and lightbar functions. Don’t sweat it, PS4 and Xbox One peeps, as Paradise Killer will run just fine for you too.

In addition to the new ports, brand new content is also en route to the original PC and Nintendo Switch editions. Arriving on March 16, the update will add new characters, quests, rewards, and collectible items, along with some smooth new tunes to massage your ears as you investigate the resort and interrogate its weird clientele. The update will also contain a fresh round of fixes and performance tweaks, and will also add a list of much-requested achievements to the Steam/PC edition.

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Last, but by no means least, March 16 will also see the arrival of an enhanced soundtrack, packed out with retakes and remixes of Paradise Killer‘s slick score. Titled About That… Paradise Killer’s B-Sides, the 12-track digital album will feature instrumentals, vocal remixes, and alternative versions of the original release’s OST, freshly produced by talented composer Barry “Epoch” Topping.

Paradise Killer (and the bonus content update) will launch March 16 on PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox edition is “coming soon”. We’ll be sure to give you a heads-up when a date is announced.