Paradise Marsh is a cute little nature walk adventure game


A game about unwinding in the wetland

Paradise Marsh is going to live in my brain as “that chill nature game with the frog,” which is not to be confused with “that meta edutainment game with the frog,” “that silly detective game with the frog,” or any other form of amphibian-based gaming.

Coming to us from developer LazyEti, with tunes by Disasterpeace, Paradise Marsh is a laid-back adventure game that isn’t any more or less than it needs to be. It’s a “short contemplative game about exploring a peaceful wetland,” and that sounds rather lovely.

Based on the teaser, this seems to be a calm little stroll with some — but not too much — stuff to collect and check out, whether it’s a tadpole or beetle for your journal, a floating poem in a bottle, or fallen stars that need to be restored in the “empty night sky.”

I’ve gotta say, not enough games just let us loose in a scenic world with a bug net in hand.

Slap that pumpkin butt ??#lowpoly #gamedev

— Eti Trudeau?? (@LazyEti) August 9, 2021

Same goes for this pumpkin slap. I didn’t know we were allowed to do that. I always get concerned looks from parents when I go to a pumpkin patch and just try to live my life.

For now, Paradise Marsh is aiming for a fall 2021 release on Steam. I know I’m not the only one around here who’s partial to this sort of vibrant, charming, just-detailed-enough low-poly aesthetic. That’s not enough on its own to carry a whole game, of course, but it’s a good starting point, and I feel like my optimism is warranted so far. Add it to the list.