Pardon our dust: Your best comments regarding the site redesign


Bear with us

When I was in college, the student union was under construction for the entirety of my sophomore year. The place where so many of us went to grab lunch, study, and bullshit with friends was suddenly an ugly maze of Tyvek and asbestos. At least, that’s how I remember it. In hindsight, I’m probably being a bit dramatic.

A year later, the university pulled off the surgical gauze to reveal the union’s facelift. It was gorgeous. The entire place had transformed for the better, to an unimaginable degree. Suddenly, the memories of that construction-inflicted inconvenience vanished.

That’s kind of what’s happening at Destructoid today. We’re doing some renovations on your Internet treehouse. Everything isn’t completely smooth yet, because that’s just never how these things go. We’re aware of changes that need to be made, and we have our engineers frantically working on them. We’ll get there, but not immediately.

We know that some of you are frustrated. Hell, even our writers are frustrated as we adapt to the changes to our process that goes into getting posts up. It’ll take a bit, but it’ll all be for the better. When we finally rip down those Tyvek walls, the old front page will be a distant memory.

At least this disruption didn’t come without a few chuckles. Here are some of our favorite comments (and some of the more on-point remarks) regarding the site redesign.

  • Benderisgreat chimed in about the sprawling text with “Someone took its red pants off. Now its text wang is waving in the breeze.”
  • CaimDark Reloaded disapproves of anything non-desktop, chipping in “Stupid mobiles. Ruining everything since 2008. Get off my lawn, mobiles!”
  • Hoffmann threatened to leave again, but I bet you $5 he won’t.
  • SeymourDuncan17, SolarPonyDjango, and so many others are just elated that their Disqus accounts weren’t deleted.
  • Everyone and their mom likened the new layout to Polygon.
  • arkane9 got the biggest laugh from staff by saying “Everything is so wide. It’s like reading the site on Kim Kardashian’s ass.”