Parkour! Slender dev's new game eschews traditional horror for rocket legs


Valley is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC this year

Slender: The Arrival developer Blue Isle Studios has revealed its latest project, the sci-fi tinged Valley, which I imagine will suffer from some discoverability issues. How about VValley, like The VVitch? Aside from being a common noun, there’s Stardew Valley and Monument Valley to contend with.

Still, Valley looks like a real gangster’s paradise, despite the departure from Slender: The Arrival. Plus you instantly avoid tired “walking simulator” gripes when you get around, “using the power of the L.E.A.F. SUIT: a fierce exoskeleton that grants exceptional speed and agility along with the phenomenal ability to manipulate the life and death of all living things.” But it’s still moody, colorful, and nice-looking.

Parkour and the ability to bring dead deer back to life. Something for everyone this summer (PC, Xbox One, PS4)