Part of the last Assassin's Creed Valhalla event was disabled due to a glitched patch rollout


The theme is genius, as they can blame it all on the Animus

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has been a glitchy affair, to say the least.

While a lot of open world games are known for glitches, Odyssey, the recent darling, managed to be spared from public tomato throwing for the most part. Valhalla‘s fate hasn’t been as kind. Ubisoft reached a whole new level of bugs with a recent patch rollout, which was actually de-rolled out, in parts, to prevent issues.

As noted on Twitter, a server-side hotfix was deployed to remove settlement decorations and festival quests: which were causing hard crashes. A “permanent fix” is coming at some point, but the hotfix was basically just removing the stuff they had already added in the big 1.2.0 update. That same update, mind, that unceremoniously added a transmogrification system, with provisos, into the mix.

Goodwill waxes and wanes in the gaming industry. With all of the boxes Ubisoft was checking with Odyssey, the problems with Valhallashowcase the weakness of the rapid-paceAssassin’sCreedrollout model.Though it should be noted that Valhalla had a two-year wait period (just like Origins did when it launched), which is a little longer than the typical one-year turnover for the franchise.

In any case, it seems like they still need more time to smooth out these games before they actually go on sale.

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