Party Planet promises four player Mario Party-esque action on Switch, and a vegan snake


It doesn’t look great, but the Switch lacks party games

Party Planet doesn’t look like much. On the Wii U, it probably would have been forgotten the week it went out when it was one of just two or three releases I covered in my weekly Nintendo Download column (haven’t missed a week in many years, even when I’m halfway across the world!). But on Switch, especially in this early era starved of party games, it could get somewhat of an audience.

Developer Mastiff just put out a new trailer for this 30-game compilation, and it involves tried and true ideas from retro games spliced into weird situations, like vegan snake chomping. If you’re interested it’s also coming physically to Switch (exclusively at GameStop), with a “free sticker sheet.”

Remember that weird time in gaming where everyone, from Microsoft to Sony, was trying to keep up with Mario Party? It led to odd but sometimes lovable knockoffs like Crash Bash, and I’ve learned to never count out a ridiculous sounding party game.