'Patches are in the works' for Deadly Premonition 2


If you’re worried about how it runs, there’s a glimmer of hope

We know what we’re getting with Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise, and I’ve accepted that fate, but maybe some of its many technical setbacks can be overcome. I’m not asking for perfection – this is Deadly Premonition, you know? – but even a slightly better frame rate could go a long way.

Following a bit of back-and-forth about the game’s post-launch update plans, here’s the latest word.

Thank you all for your feedback regarding #DeadlyPremonition2!

We would like to officially clarify that the development team are constantly working on improving the title and patches are in the works.

More news soon!

— Rising Star Games (@RisingStarGames) July 9, 2020

As publisher Rising Star Games puts it, the developers at Toybox Inc. are “constantly working on improving the title and patches are in the works.” It’s a vague reassurance, but a reassurance all the same. I figure plenty of you are going to show up on day one regardless. I would, but July is packed.

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