Path of Exile hits Xbox One later this month


Still just set for PC and Xbox One

Grinding Gear Games has revealed that Path of Exile, the fantastic free-to-play dungeon crawler, will finally arrive on Xbox One on August 24.

This comes off of the heels of a beta phase of their latest and biggest expansion yet, the Fall of Oriath. The publisher also notes that Tencent will be bringing the game to china on August 22. This is a pretty significant time to make the leap to consoles, as the expansion essentially doubles the length of the game.

I can’t stress enough how right the free-to-play system is. Outside of stash tab convenience everything is cosmetic, and you can play all 10 acts and past/future expansions without paying a premium. It was kind of a gamble to adopt this model for a brand new IP, but Grinding Gear has been doing it for roughly four years now to great success.

I’ve been playing through the lore-heavy expansion these past few weeks and love what I’ve seen so far. It helps that the customization system, which is sort of a mix between Final Fantasy VII‘s Materia and X‘s Sphere Grid, ensures that each playthrough will feel different, even with the same class.