PAX West badges just went on sale, go get yours!


Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry

You know how this goes. PAX West badges go up for sale, PAX West badges sell out very quickly. Quit reading and hit this link if you want a chance at buying them. Come back when you’re in the queue.

All queued up? Good. Here are the other details:

PAX West badges went on sale at 12pm Pacific today — the exact time we’re posting this. In recent years, Penny Arcade has done away with four-day passes, instead opting for convention-goers to buy badges for individual days. A single-day badge is priced at $48 this year; that’s $192 for anyone who wants to attend the entire show.

As is usually the case (but not always the case), PAX West will again take place over Labor Day weekend. It’s set for September 1 through September 5, in Seattle as always. It’ll be a hot ticket, hence us posting this PSA.

Penny Arcade has also given us a heads-up on official PAX merchandise that can be ordered before the show. Pictures of the blanket ($38) and the dice set ($38) are in the gallery below; a photo of the scarf ($28) was not sent. Penny Arcade mentions that these are available to order on the online store and that they’ll be sent out before the convention.

That’s a secondary priority for anyone who wants to go to PAX West, though. The first step is making sure you have a badge. We’re doing our best to help you out with that.

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