Payday 2 is getting the 'Ultimate' treatment


Basically a steal…

It seems like Payday 2 just won’t go away. After a surprise announcement for the Switch, Overkill Software is now giving the PC version an “Ultimate” edition. Set to launch on June 8 for $45, this version of the game will, naturally, bundle all existing DLC into one package to get you jumped started on your heists.

If you already own some of the previous DLC, you’ll be given a discount on Steam to buy the upgrade. All the DLC is also currently 85% off until the release of the “Ultimate” edition, after which it will go away and you’ll be left with the full fat upgrade.

If you think this means that Payday 2 will be getting no further support, then you’re wrong! Overkill has stated that they intend to push support for their shooter well into 2018. Any extra updates beyond the “Ultimate” edition will be offered for free to everyone. They are also working on getting these updates to console owners, though nothing has been stated about that just yet.

Overkill Software to Remove All Payday 2 DLC from Steam Store for Ultimate Edition; Future Updates Will Be Free [GameZone]