Payday 2 is playable in VR complete with desktop cross-play


The beta is live for Vive owners

Payday 2 is getting virtual reality support next year, but if you’d like to try that out now and you have a Vive, that’s an option. The first beta for Payday 2 VR went live today. Here’s how to opt in:

  • Find Payday 2 in your Steam library and right-click – select Properties.
  • In the Properties window – select the tab called “BETAS.”
  • In the drop down menu in the BETAS tab – select “open_vr_beta” and close the window.

Once activated, you’ll be coming in fresh with a new save file. Overkill recommends a “GTX 980 or better” to run the game and has a how-to-play guide covering the new controls. Based on the trailer, this looks even better than I was expecting. The basic premise of heists in VR just works for me.

It would be nice to see alternate movement options for folks who can handle unrestricted locomotion in VR, but Overkill is off to a good start here. The fact that this is free for Payday 2 owners and VR and non-VR players can team up together is commendable. This stuff usually comes at a premium.

PAYDAY 2 VR is now finally live [Steam]