Payday VR is on the way with standard PC cross-play


Free for Payday 2 owners

So, this is a good idea. Overkill Software is working on Payday VR for a beta release later this year, and as shown in this debut trailer, it’ll support co-op play with the existing version of Payday 2.

Outside of what you can glean from this HTC Vive-centric video, the studio is promising to deliver “all your Payday content in VR” and says it will be “available to all Payday 2 owners.”

We’ve seen cross-platform play between the various headsets — Ubisoft, in particular, has been great about this — but I don’t know that I’ve ever played a VR game cooperatively with non-VR owners. For all the baggage associated with the Payday name these days, I have to say, this is a nice move.