PC new release deals: 22% off Monster Hunter: World, Overcooked 2, and Post Scriptum


Beastly discounts

It’s been a quiet Summer in terms of releases but this week we’re seeing a bit of a ramp up. The biggest title would decisively be Capcom’s PC port of Monster Hunter: World– released just yesterday on August 9. The game thus far has won strong reviews in the gameplay department (as expected), but so-so reviews in the port performance – with user reviews ranging from either working flawlessly to problematic issues.

Despite issues, the game is incredibly popular on Steam, with concurrent player count reaching as high as 290,000 at peak. Some of the crashing issues have also been addressedand developers are actively working on fixing known issues. If you can look past some of these issues and want to join in on the current hype train (the #1 selling game on Steam this week), deals are ranging from 20% off to 22% off, depending on the edition of your choice. As of writing the best price for Monster Hunter: WorldStandard Edition is 20% off at DLGamer for $47.78, while the Deluxe Edition is 22% off for $54.97 at GMG. Given the game has gone live, both retailers are sending keys immediately after purchase.

Other noteworthy games released this week includes Ghost Town Games’ Overcooked! 2 and Periscope Games’ Post Scriptum. Like Monster Hunter,Overcooked! 2 is also selling well, placing itself in the top 15 selling slot on Steam Store. Conversely, Post Scriptum isn’t fairing as well given the initial mixed reviews.. Having said that, if you’re the type to enjoy authentic WWII first-person shooter with interesting gameplay mechanics (command position) and if you’ve enjoyed Red Orchestra before, this will be right up your alley.

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