PC players will have to wait a bit for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition


No exact date given

It was only a month ago that The Coalition bossRod Fergusson took the floor at the PC Gaming show at E3 to announce that Gears of War: Ultimate Editionwould release onWindows 10. That’s still true, but it won’t release alongside the Xbox One version. Xbox is taking care of its bread and butter first.

Xbox head Phil Spencer, who can be sort of an open book on Twitter, answered someone’s question today about a simultaneous launch. He tweetedGearson Win 10 is later than Xbox One version.” Spencer didn’t offer a specific date for the PC version.

The staggered launch is one that was easy to foresee. Microsoft surely plans to use this remake to try to move a few Xbox Ones. When the game releases on August 25, it’ll come bundled with the base model of the console. Putting it out on other platforms at the same time would likely cannibalize some of those sales. PC players who don’t want to pick it up on Xbox One will just have to take cover until their own Emergence Day comes.

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