Pee on sandwiches and poop on hot dogs in Butt Sniffin Pugs



Sometimes you’re walking around a convention floor and you just find the diamond in the rough of the show. This year’s E3 2015 diamond is for certain Butt Sniffin Pugs, a game played with a giant tennis ball, two buttons, and a pug’s butt. Currently the game consists of barking, biting, pissing, pooping, and solving some simple puzzles to unlock other abilities and toys to play with in Butt Sniffin Pugs‘ dog park playground.

Developer Gabe Telepak had originally had the E3 build setup so you could poop, then eat said poop, making your pug vomit. Apparently this led to show attendees shitting, eating it, and vomiting it back out; a nice parallel to the games industry as of late. Gabe said he had to disable the ability to eat your own scat as it just became a viscous cycle of crap eating dogs vomiting and contracting diarrhea, surely unlike any other experience on the show floor.

While not a very deep experience, Butt Sniffin Pugswas good for a laugh and a break from all the seriousness that was at this year’s E3. I laughed, I pooped, I pissed myself, I smelled butts; what more could I man want in life?