People are using the Xbox Series X to play PS2 games, which is hilarious since the PS5 can't, natively


Microsoft does what Sony doesn’t

In case you haven’t heard, people have been stretching the “developer mode” of the Xbox Series X/S to its limit. And it’s only been a few weeks.

Amazingly, intrepid and plucky users have managed to get tons of old games running on the systems, most notably PS2 games. The below clip from the Modern Vintage Gamer (using the S, which is capable of the same things as the X) shows off the power of its emulation capabilities just fine, using the “dev mode” option in the new Xbox consoles: a 2016 Xbox One feature. The new horizon of PS2 games is due to developments within RetroArch, which just recently added PS2 support and is still in active development.

Modern Vintage Gamer assesses that the level of emulation offered in the Series S, for the $299.99 base price, is “unrivaled.” Given that you don’t really need all of that SSD space for emulation, nor would you need to build a PC capable of running these games; I’d agree. Just know that, like Modern Vintage Gamer suggests, this isn’t a “set it and forget it” process. You do need to do a bit of diligence (and legally, own the games) to get this up and running.

This whole process is in its infancy, and proponents suggest that nearly anything is possible with Series X/S emulation. The only limitations right now are a 2GB ROM size maximum, which could change down the line. As a proponent of (legal) game preservation, it’s a big step forward to keeping the classics alive without digging out old hardware that’s prone to malfunctioning mishaps.