Persona 5 battle-wear is my fetish


New Persona 5 character art

I loved Persona 4‘s vibrant pop aesthetic just fine. Entering the TV world to the tune of catchy department store jingles while wearing school clothes (or, later, the Dojima costume!!!). And I like that Persona 5 is doing something different. Especially because these battle costume designs are insanely good and not as dorky as they could’ve come out trying to go for “edge.”

There’s the perfect mix of Skull Man and A Clockwork Orange. Elegant, theatrical furries. That fucking thousand yard state book ended by comically large and impractical spiked knuckles. Squid girl hacker bullshit. An elegant lady with a giant battle axe.

Just enough style and tongue pressed into a smirking cheek for it to all work. Every single day of my life is imbued with meaning in its passing because it is 24 more hours towards playing Persona 5.

You can catch some of the newer characters in their civilian clothes here.