Persona 5 Royal could release around the same time as the Final Fantasy VII Remake


Duke it out

Despite the fact that pretty much every facet of Persona 5is vividly still stuck in my memory banks, I’m actually looking forward to the Royaltreatment re-release. We’ll have to wait a bit longer than Japan though, because while Atlus’ home region is set to receive it on October 31, we have a western release window of “spring 2020.” That could change as of today.

As reported by Persona Central, the latest issue of Game Informer lists a “March 2020” release month for Persona 5 The Royal, further delineating it past the “spring” target.If that’s indeed the real month, it’ll have to compete with the likes of Final Fantasy VII, Watch Dogs: Legion and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.March 2019 was a hell of a month too, hosting Devil May Cry 5, Division 2, and Sekiro. We’ve reached out to Atlus for clarification.

Not that Persona 5 Royal and Final Fantasy VII Remakeare a perfect comparison, but who will win? A re-release of a game released less than four years prior (at the time) that’s fresh in our minds? Or a remake of one of the most highly beloved JRPGs of all time? I think we know the answer, but we all really win with all these huge games coming out in early 2020.

Persona 5[Game Informer Issue 318 via Persona Central]