Persona 5 Royal gets its glam on with the cheerful Ann Takamaki and her new team-up attack


Big hair, bigger heart

Welp, I guess I’m going be running through yet another gauntlet of Atlus trailers, this time for the upcoming Persona 5 Royal release. Following on from last week’s look at Ryuji Sakamoto, this week reintroduces us to the lovely Ann Takamaki.

Ann is the very first member of the Phantom Thieves encountered by protagonist Joker upon his arrival in Tokyo (though it’s more a passing glance than an encounter). Ann is a beautiful young woman, a trait that brings both attention and scorn from her peers. Endlessly optimistic, Ann’s cheerful demeanor and spirit gloss over a soul pierced with doubt and guilt. Once she discovers her calling with The Phantom Thieves, Ann discovers a new sense of self, becoming a trusted ally in Mementos and the beating heart of The Phantom Thieves in the real world.

In the new trailer, we catch a glimpse on Ann having problems with an umbrella, hanging with Joker at her house and out shopping with her best friend Shio, while sporting her new winter ensemble. From a gameplay standpoint, we see Ann charming her opponent, before checking out her awesome-looking team up attack with Morgana.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 in Japan October 31, before heading west sometime in 2020.