Persona 5 Royal offers a Phantom Thief crash course


Step One: Be Stylish AF

We are just over a month away from the western release of expanded JRPG Persona 5 Royal. Publisher Atlus has decided to give everyone a quick “crash course” into the weird, colourful, and often scary world of The Phantom Thieves, in a new six-minute trailer offering a summary of the Persona 5 universe.

Narrated by mouthy moggy Morgana and new gal Kasumi Yoshizawa, the video explains the roles of personas, The Phantom Thieves, confidants, and the Metaverse. Our hosts then look at some of Persona 5 Royal’s new content, including The Thieves Den, the new grappling hook ability, hot doc Maruki, the mysterious Jose, and the new Kichijoji district.

The fact Morgana can summarise this jive in a six-minute video further begs the question as to why the Persona 5 itself expositions these concepts repeatedly for HOURS UPON HOURS over the course of its mammoth playtime.

Persona 5 Royal launches March 31 on PS4. School’s back in session.