Persona 5 The Royal is out later this year in Japan, 2020 in the west


October 31 in the east

During Atlus’ Persona 5concert stream, the publisher gave us more juicy info on the upcoming Persona 5re-release, and it’s surprisingly not just Japan-related. Okay so most of it is.

Atlus explained that Persona 5 The Royalwill launch on October 31 in the region, and will sport an extra Phantom Thieves member: Kasumi Yoshizawa. Atlus promises more info in May, and Atlus USA confirmed that the western edition would arrive sometime in 2020.The Japanese landing page clarifies (thanks Nibel!) that this version has 4K/Pro support, new songs, and new characters (in addition to the aforementioned Kasumi).

While Persona 5is a roughly 100 hour endeavor, nearly everyone I’ve interacted with would do it all over again (myself included!) with the original release, much less an enhanced Royalone. The implications for Royalare massive, as folks still play the re-releases of past Personagames years after the fact. I can see myself digging out my PS4 (or PS5, if the backward compatibility claims are accurate) 20 years from now to boot up Persona 5again. More SKUs means more copies in the wild and less chance of this fantastic game being lost to time.

Personais also arguably in the best shape its ever been. While the Persona 4 Goldenera was resplendent indeed, Joker’s appearance inSuper Smash a huge win for Atlus, not to mention The Royalor any number of rumors swirling regarding Switch releases. I’ll never forget how scrappy this series was when my cousin showed me his copy of the original. Now it’s practically an institution.

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