Persona 5's 'Phan-Site' blog is now real


Spoilers, clearly

At some point in Persona 5, and I won’t reveal too much as I know it’s a long ass game, the crew has access to a blog called a “Phan-Site,” which covers their goings on. Naturally someone decided to create their own real Phan-Site, and while the openness of it allows for some not safe for work and spoilery stuff, it has some funny in-character ramblings and a small forum.

I can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t go to it unless you’ve fully cleared the game as even the slightest peek could reveal a big spoiler, but then again, it’s possible Atlus will attempt to get it shut down knowing their position on spoilers for Persona 5— a game that’s been out for months on end in Japan already.

Phantom Aficionado Website [Phan-Site]