PewDiePie and No Man's Sky to be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


Which are you more excited for?

PewDiePie, the most-subscribed YouTuber in the world with the power to launch indie games into the limelight, will appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colberton Thursday, October 1, and reportedly will have some kind of demonstration. Mr. Pie will appear alongside the founder of Snapchat, meaning the episode will cause the millions of elderly people who watch CBS to be confused and panic shortly after watching the episode off their VCR recording the next day.

The day after PewDiePie launches Stephen Colbert into stardom, Colbert will host Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, better known as the studio working on No Man’s Sky.

I’ll certainly be tuning into this episode, but more to see the game as Colbert seems neutered since coming to CBS; his jokes are tame, he shills for in-show advertisements, and just seems like he is being forced to cater to his predecessor’s audience. I’ll stick to John Oliver for my topical humor.

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