Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is coming a lot sooner than we thought


Out globally in June

The Final Fantasy XIVreally nails the “producer live letter” format, which is basically a fireside chat of everything going on with the game at different intervals. It’s a very easy-to-follow concept and I dig the non-produced, realism of it. Well, Sega just held one of its own today for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, and it was super enlightening and gave us a ton of details for the upcoming game.

First up, New Genesiswill arrive in June of this year, and it will be a global launch. That’s huge, as there is no lead time (like say, years) for the Japanese version; everyone is getting it. It’s very important to understand here that the team does plan on providing global patches, so unlike the current version of PSO 2 was with the western launch, there will be no “lag time” between updates. There’s also going to be a “starter package” out on August 19, which will contain codes for nine in-game items, plus a “Limited Edition,” with a mini soundtrack and new artwork.

You can watch the full hour-ish presentation below. As a note, it does have English voiceoversin this global version of the stream, so you can fully along without wonky YouTube subtitles.

Oh, and we also got some PSO 2basic news today. As of June 2021, it will be caught up with the Japanese edition! So we’ll have full Phantasy Star Onlineparity in just a few months.