Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis just doubled the level cap


The New Genesis level cap is now 40

There’s a new Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis level cap in town, and it’s double what we’ve had since launch.

Recently, Sega revealed more info on the big February update, which included, among many other things, a level cap increase. It’s a huge increase actually, as the level cap since launch has been 20: now it’s 40. That means every single class can move beyond that prior limit now. Given that New Genesis allows you to level up a subclass in tandem (with XP limitations), this should spur even more playtime from dedicated people looking to reach the new cap: like Final Fantasy XIV, one character can grind up every class.

As a reminder, here are the main elements of the New Genesis February Update:

  • Level cap will be raised to 40
  • Chapter 2 in the newly added Chapter 2 Side Story.
  • Rank 3 will be added to Mt Magnus and Vanford Laboratory Ruins
  • Rank 2 will be added to Resol Forest
  • Rank 2 Battledias will be added to Aelio
  • Rank 2 of every Urgent Quest will be available across regions
  • An increased chance for Chaos Trials
  • A new enemy type, Megalotix

The other big deals include the Retem City concert (which will also be streamed to a monitor in Central City), and the ARKS ID feature. My favorite low-key quality of life upgrade: the ability to accept urgent quests across different regions.

If you’re interested in the concert, you can watch it below. It starts at roughly 7:30 in.