Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis team apologizes for lag and login issues, reveals July plans and Braver class


Broadcasted during a new update stream today

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has updates coming throughout the year (big and small), and now it’s time to focus on what’s going to arrive in the near future. Sega’s Hiro Arai who has been dubbed the “official navigator,” has been presenting these update streams, and another one aired today.

To kick off the broadcast he shared a message from the development team, apologizing for the game’s initial set of bugs:

“We apologize for the extended maintenance on launch day, and the start delay, as well as the lag, login difficulties, and other bugs since launch. We are working hard to make improvements as soon as posisble. For us and the development and operations teams, seeing so many new players as well as continuing players makes it all worthwhile.”

Now, onto the good stuff: July’s content update!

Water battle suits are confirmed (which have swimming effects), as well as butler clothing, new emotes, and the first of an elemental weapon series (Glissen).

The game’s main hub will also be decorated for the 9th anniversary of the series from July 7 through August 4, with limited-time daily and weekly tasks that offer points; which you can exchange for items. Seasonal enemies (including a new Gigantix) with markers on their head will also appear in the world, and will be weak to lightning.\

Most importantly, we got a look at the Braver class, which is coming in August. Bravers are a popular class in the series, and utilize katanas and photon bows in New Genesis. You can find their intro here at roughly 20:45 into the video, near the end. My first thought? Within the New Genesis system, this is one of the flashiest looking bow classes in any action game. The katana style is looking hot too, and it should be a treat to witness in-game, flying around.

You can watch the entire broadcast below, which is in English.