A massive Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis update is arriving in December


It’s the ‘first major update’ for the game

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is still trucking, and even though I don’t play it as much as I used to, I’m eagerly awaiting any excuse to jump back in. The occasional new class updates did the trick, and now the first massive New Genesis update since launch is definitely going to spur me into action.

If you’re a lapsed fan, you definitely want to check out the video below, which clocks in at a whopping 40 minutes and goes over every facet of the upcoming New Genesis update. Let’s dig in.

  • For starters, the name: Sandstorm Requiem. This is actually “Chapter 2” of New Genesis, following the same nomenclature as PSO 2 proper.
  • The big event is Retem, a new zone. It’s that big desert we saw at the end of the Chapter 1 story, and will feature “rocky terrain, canyons, and sand dunes.” At least four new enemy types are confirmed.
  • The level cap is increasing to 35, from 20.
  • Every class gets a new skill:
  1. Hunter Class will gain the ‘Sword Arts Change Avenger’ skill
  2. Fighter Class will gain the ‘Dagger Spin Axle’ skill
  3. Ranger Class will gain the ‘Spread Shot Wide Range’ skill
  4. Gunner Class will gain the ‘Rising Drive’ skill
  5. Force Class will gain the ‘Technique Domination’ skill
  6. Techter Class will gain the ‘Overemphasis’ skill
  7. Braver Class will gain the ‘Brave Spirit’ skill
  8. Bouncer Class will gain the ‘Blade Arts Parry’ skill
  • Wind, light, and dark elements are being added to the game, which could mix up combat significantly
  • A title system is coming, which include in-game achievements to grind for.

Before all the New Genesis update arrives on December 15, the next event is kicking off on November 4 in Central City. It’s a belated Halloween event that has the typical “quests and seasonal enemies” play. If you’re a current player and want some inside baseball news on some lingering bugs or quality of life upgrades, check out this part of the video, where they address questions from fans.