Phantasy Star Online 2's open beta starts next week


March 17 until TBD

You may have missed out on the first opportunity to play Phantasy Star Online 2for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it was a closed beta, so maybe you weren’t lucky enough to get in. But, even if you got access, maybe scheduling didn’t quite work out; the closed beta planned to run for a whopping 31 hours(although that timeline got shifted a bit thanks to some emergency server maintenance).

The next chance to play Phantasy Star Online 2will (hopefully) be more conducive to, you know, people actually playing it. Starting March 17, there’s an open beta on Xbox One, which will mark the first time most people outside of Japan will get their hands on it.

The time is finally here! The #PSO2NA Open Beta Test starts next week, March 17th! Play one of Japan’s biggest online action RPGs, coming first on @Xbox One.

More information coming soon to our official website:

— Phantasy Star Online 2 (NA) (@play_pso2) March 9, 2020

Sega hasn’t yet updated the PSOwebsite to detail how long the open beta will last. However, if this one is anything like the last beta, there will be an opportunity to pre-load the client, anyone who partook in the closed beta shouldn’thave to download a new client, and progress will carry over to the full game. And, if Xbox One isn’t your speed, Phantasy Star Online 2is coming to Windows 10 PC sometime after the console launch.