Phantom Pain moves 411,000 units in Japan, just shy of Metal Gear Solid 4


Still, pretty good

Has Metal Gear Solid V really been in our lives for only a week? 4Gamer‘s report of Media Create sales figures show The Phantom Pain selling 411,000 its first week in Japan. This is made up of PS4 sales (293,600) and PS3 sales (117,500) and only accounts for physical sales.

The third place best-seller for the week is the 3DS port of Dragon Quest VIII, which moved 106,823 copies after moving 691,539 last week. The 3DS is big in Japan.

PlayStation 4 console sales also jumped from 18,539 to 54,494.

While Metal Gear Solid 4 seems to have edged out The Phantom Pain, having done 476,300 week one sales in 2008, it could be that more people in Japan bought the game digitally this time around. Or it could just be the difference in PS3 and PS4 ownership numbers a couple years after their respective launches.

Metal Gear Solid V also had a series best launch in UK, where it is selling three times as many (physical) copies on PlayStation 4.

「METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN」が合計41万3000本の「ゲームソフト週間販売ランキング+」 [4Gamer]