Phoenix Point is a new strategy game from the creator of X-COM


Asking for half a million in crowdfunding

Phoenix Point is a “turn-based tactics and world-based strategy game” from the creator of the original X-COM, Julian Gollop. The project is seeking $500,000 in funding on Fig and meant to release at the end of 2018.

“We are creating Phoenix Point by taking influences from the famed X-COM franchise. We are updating our favorite gameplay features from X-COM titles such as UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM Apocalypse that I designed, and mixing them with some of the amazing ideas Firaxis Games executed brilliantly in their franchise reboots, to create an entirely new game whose essence lies in the XCOM genre,” Gollop said.

Taking stock in what Firaxis has done well with the series is smart. And I like the Cronenberg’d-up world and monsters; incidentally, I recommend watching the recent practical-effects-filled horror movie The Void.