Photo mode, which is now in basically every game, confirmed for Devil May Cry 5


Also training mode is in

Capcom brought Devil May Cry 5to gamescom, and this past weekend it had a big prescence at PAX West, most notably in the form of a panel that confirmed a few minor detials.

First up: photo mode is confirmed! It’s something I only touch in a handful of games, but leads to a lot of great screenshots (especially inGod of WarPS4 where you can alter facial expressions), and I know a lot of folks really dig it. Gallery and training modes are also a go.

Beyond the mode confirmations there’s also another important nugget of info buried in this panel: you don’t need to have played previous games to really get what’s going on. Producer Matt Walker explains that “Capcom makes games so that everyone can enjoy them,” though there will be plenty of references, and there will be “something in the game where if you’ve never played Devil May Crybefore you can catch up.”

Devil May Cry 5 is slated for March 8, 2019. You can watch the entire panel below compliments of Gematsu, who captured the PAX West stream.

PAX [Twitch via Gematsu]